Do We Need To Be Individual?

Do we need to be individuals?

We Live in a very exciting time. Technology is growing at an exponential rate and that includes biotech. Research on DNA/genetics is giving us hard data on how each of us work and what works for you. My experience has shown me more and more how individual we all are. Give the exact same training program and/or nutrition program to a group of athletes and their adaptation will vary. Compliance is always an issue, but even with those who are dedicated and in compliance there will be a varied effect. Some get faster, some don't. Some make bigger strength gains than others, some have more energy, etc. The reason for this is genetics. Each of us have different reactions to various foods. Some respond better to carbohydrates than others, for example. We vary in our ability to tolerate lactose, gluten and other nutrients or "anti-nutrients". Some seem to easily pack on muscle mass while others don't. Some can't seem to gain weight and others can't seem to lose weight. YET HOW OFTEN DO WE GIVE THE SAME RECIPE TO ALL AND EXPECT THE SAME RESULTS?

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