Learn F.A.S.T. er

Here’s a great learning tip!


I was at conference over the weekend and one of the speakers was Jim Kwik. If you’ve never heard of him, you should get to know him. He is an expert on boosting memory, learning faster and reading faster with better comprehension.


He gave us a 5-minute talk that was impactful and I want to share it with you. …


This can be applied to learning anything from information to physical skills.


Here’s how you can learn something faster and retain the information:

Remember the acronym F.A.S.T.


F = Forget.

  • Forget whatever you already know about the subject you are trying to learn. Your mind is like a parachute; it works best when open.


  • Forget about anything that’s not urgent and important. Your brain can’t multitask (even if you think it can). If you want to really learn something-you need to focus on it – not other stuff.


  • Forget your limitations. We often hinder ourselves by our beliefs. ‘I have poor memory’ for example. What ever your belief is, try to LET GO OF IT and see what happens.


A = Active

  • Be active – take notes, ask questions, if it’s a movement do it.


  • “Learning is not a spectator sport”


S = State

  • State is the state of your mind. The emotional well-being that you feel in this exact moment.


  • “Information combined with emotion becomes long-term memory”




  • If you are bored, you won’t learn


  • Only YOU can control your state. How?-Change your posture, sit or stand as if you are energized, change your breathing, be present.



T = Teach

  • Learn with the intention of teaching it to someone else and you will shorten the learning curve by a lot. If you have to give a presentation on it, you probably will remember it better!!


  • When teaching it, you get to learn it twice!


So I’m teaching this to you so that I’ll remember it!


Learn More, Get Better


All the best,


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