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Learn F.A.S.T. er

Here’s a great learning tip!


I was at conference over the weekend and one of the speakers was Jim Kwik. If you’ve never heard of him, you should get to know him. He is an expert on boosting memory, learning faster and reading faster with better comprehension.


He gave us a 5-minute talk that was impactful and I want to share it with you. …


This can be applied to learning anything from information to physical skills.


Here’s how you can learn something faster and retain the information:

Remember the acronym F.A.S.T.


F = Forget.

  • Forget whatever you already know about the subject you are trying to learn. Your mind is like a parachute; it works best when open.


  • Forget about anything that’s not urgent and important. Your brain can’t multitask (even if you think it can). If you want to really learn something-you need to focus on it – not other stuff.


  • Forget your limitations. We often hinder ourselves by our beliefs. ‘I have poor memory’ for example. What ever your belief is, try to LET GO OF IT and see what happens.


A = Active

  • Be active – take notes, ask questions, if it’s a movement do it.


  • “Learning is not a spectator sport”


S = State

  • State is the state of your mind. The emotional well-being that you feel in this exact moment.


  • “Information combined with emotion becomes long-term memory”




  • If you are bored, you won’t learn


  • Only YOU can control your state. How?-Change your posture, sit or stand as if you are energized, change your breathing, be present.



T = Teach

  • Learn with the intention of teaching it to someone else and you will shorten the learning curve by a lot. If you have to give a presentation on it, you probably will remember it better!!


  • When teaching it, you get to learn it twice!


So I’m teaching this to you so that I’ll remember it!


Learn More, Get Better


All the best,


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Are you a Compass or a Weathervane?

How can you obtain optimal performance? First of all, why optimal and not peak performance?? Lots of people are looking for ‘peak’ performance, but in my mind we can only peak at certain moments. A track athlete trains on a regular basis, recovers on a regular basis and only competes periodically. Some competitions are viewed as part of the training cycle and they will train to ‘peak’ for only a few big events each year. If they were to try to peak throughout the year, they would burn out, get injured and have a short career.


Optimal performance, in my mind, means that you are performing at the level that is optimal for you given where you are along the journey, and that you save the peaking for special moments. It’s a long-term view and a constant state, not a periodic one. The opposite of a peak is a valley. And the valleys may be optimal, too, if they serve as big learning moments. Another important fact is that we are individuals and respond individually. If I have ten athletes and give them the exact same training program, nutrition program and recovery program, I would be hard pressed to find any two that had the exact same response. Each has different needs, genetics, experience, and ability to comply. Along the way they meet with different stressors in the form of illness, social issues, school or work issues, emotional stressors, things they have to do, time constraints, etc. All of which has an impact on their results.


I look at high performers and wonder about the traits that make them successful. Take Tom Brady. Much has been made of his discipline and the choices he makes in order for him to stay at the top. He lives very intentionally. Each day he has a clear intention and stays the course, even when the winds may try to blow him off course. He sticks to his compass. Being intentional is the first step towards optimal performance; it is the foundation. Being reactive to every ‘wind that blows’ and going through your day reacting to what comes at you rarely results in getting where you want to go. Whatever your goals may be, living each day intentionally instead of reactively can make an enormous difference in getting where you want to be.


So……where are you on the spectrum of intentional to reactive?

Are you more like a compass (intentional) or a weathervane (reactive)?

A compass will get you to your destination…..a weathervane just tells you which way the wind is blowing.

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What’s Holding You Back?

I woke last night around 2:30am, sort of half awake, but fully conscious that I was not asleep and aware of my thoughts. I tossed and turned but couldn’t fall back asleep. I was thinking about Perform Optimal, and all I could come up with were all of the reasons it wasn’t going to work. My thoughts, although conscious, were also semi-conscious as I drifted in and out of light sleep. I was scared….. too old, who’s going to listen, I’m wasting my time, losing money, I ‘should’…… Normally, when fully Awake I think positive thoughts and I’m excited about moving ahead and yet I am often doing stuff that isn’t critical, finding things that need to be done but aren’t getting the message out. And I am at times frustrated at the lack of movement. I realized this morning that I have deep-seated fear that’s holding me back (and I never really realized it), keeping me from moving forward getting the messages out and serving you. Blog posts, emails, video, interviews, all things that I want to share and that you hopefully are interested in are not first to be done. Procrastination and diversion are the result of fear – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ….. I don’t really know. But I’m glad I know that what is at the crux of the wheel spinning is fear.

Now I can conquer it! Now that I know what it is, I can use it as a driving force for me to move ahead. Before I knew, I didn’t really know what the obstacle is. Now I know.

I recently read Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is The Way. Everyone should read it!

Every great leader, athlete, teacher, artist, human has had obstacles to overcome. In my opinion, that is why they are where they are, got to where they got, because they were able to overcome more than the next person. Fear happens to be probably the most common obstacle and many run away from it or try to suppress it. First you need to recognize it, then accept it, and then and only then can it be fuel for success.

Most of us feel that we are not reaching our full potential. Fear is likely one reason, maybe a big one.

Where are your fears lurking and what are you going to do about them??

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The obstacles they are facing put ours into perspective. I can’t imagine the fear so many are facing with the uncertainty of their future. We all need to reach out to help.

Let me know your thoughts. Just reply to this email…..

All the best,

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Going Fast?

I shot this short video back in March and want to share it with you. When I look back at my early professional years, I was given some incredible opportunities and I missed out on really growing and benefitting from them because I was in a hurry to get ahead. I see others do the same thing and in their haste they often end up just going sideways or even backwards as they get ahead of themselves. I wish I had been more patient and focused on what was right in front of me…..

Watch the video and please leave a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts and experience!!

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